Thailand Work Permit - Work Permit Application
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Thailand Work Permit

All aliens engaged in any kind of work in Thailand must hold a valid work permit, issued principally by the Department of Employment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare pursuant to the Alien Employment Act B.E. 2521 (A.D. 1978).

The term "work" is defined very broadly, covering both physical and mental activities, whether or not for wages or other remuneration. Working without a valid work permit even for a day is a criminal offense.

The validity period of a work permit is governed by the holder's immigration status, i.e. a work permit usually expires on the last day of the period of stay allowed by immigration officials as shown on the alien's visa. Aliens holding transit and tourist visas are not permitted to work.

Getting a Work Permit - Work Permit Application

Required papers for a work permit
After you have your non-immigrant visa, you can now apply for a work permit. Here are the papers generally required from the prospective employee to start a work permit:

•copy of the picture page/identification page of your passport (the one with your photo and passport number)
• your non-immigrant visa
• copy of the passport page with your current entrance stamp
• copy of your entry card
• Copy of your degree or resume or transcript - sometimes they require it be certified by your country's embassy (this requires bringing your degree or resume to your embassy, declaring it is a true and original document and then paying an authentication fee.
• a doctor's certificate stating you are in good health (this can be arranged quickly in Thailand and generally costs less than 100 baht and usually does not required any actual exam
• 2 color, 4 by 5 centimeter photos (this is the photo size used by most photo shops in Thailand for Visas. This is not a Passport photo size which is different.
• Three to Five Thousand baht (depending on the length of your work permit.
• Additionally, your employer will be required to submit tax and legal documents concerning the nature of their business and employees.